Therapeutic Solutions
Massage Therapy & Skin Care Center
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Jacqueline Simard
Owner, Therapeutic Solutions
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Esthetician

Jacqueline has been a Connecticut licensed, nationally certified
massage therapist for over 17 years as well as a
certified esthetician with over 25 years of experience in the
skin care industry.
She is a graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage
Therapy and has had extensive esthetics training in both
Boston  and New York, a member of the Greater Hartford
 Holistic Health Association and a member of the American
 Massage Therapy Association.
Jacqueline has been in professional practice since 1996 and is
committed to exceeding client expectations.   She invites you
 to experience  the beneficial effects massage therapy
 and advanced skin care treatments can have toward
improving your health and well being and looks forward
to helping you look and feel your very best both inside and out.           

Suzanne Robertson
Licensed Massage Therapist

Suzanne joined Therapeutic Solutions in June 2006. A
1993 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy,
Suzanne is CT licensed, nationally certified and a
professional member of the American Massage Therapy
Association. She has extensive training in many holistic health
modalities including reiki and foot reflexology.
Suzanne is dedicated to making your experience at Therapeutic
Solutions both beneficial and enjoyable.

  David Nguyen
Licensed Massage Therapist

David graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage
Therapy in April 2010 with Academic Recognition Honors.
He is nationally certified, CT licensed and a professional
member of the American Massage Therapy Association.
David integrates elements of deep tissue, acupressure,
myofascial release and Swedish massage to provide a
complete and customized therapeutic solution for each
client. His sessions are often interactive, allowing clients
to play a role in their own therapy treatment.

  Suzy Virdokian
Certified Esthetician

Suzy is a certified estethician trained in Paris with 25 years of
experience in European skin care. In addition to fabulous skin
care,  Suzy also offers full face and body waxing as well as a
unique technique called threading.

Threading is a method of facial hair removal that does not
require wax. It is especially good for people with sensitive