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Massage & Body Health
Therapeutic Massage

Add a skin care treatment to any one hour massage and s
ave $10
Swedish Massage
Combines a variety of massage techniques including  gliding, kneading and cross fiber fiction to help break down knots and soothe sore muscles.

30 minutes               $45
60 minutes               $80
 90 minutes              $115

Deep Tissue Massage

An intensive approach working on connective tissue and stubborn knots to help relieve sore muscles, enhance circulation and increase flexibility. 
30 minutes  $45
60 minutes  $80
90 minutes  $115

Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Massage

With the use of aromatherapy oils and relaxing massage techniques, this  deeply therapeutic treatment is designed to relieve stress an detoxify your system. 
60 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

A massage done with heated basalt stones that provides deep muscle relaxation.  The heated stones are used in conjunction with soothing massage techniques  to help melt away stress and tension that builds up in the body.
60 minutes                $90              
Pre-Natal Comfort Massage

This soothing massage is specifically designed for the special needs of expectant mothers.  Extremely therapeutic during the second and third trimester to help increase circulation, reduce swelling and create a feeling of comfort.
30 minutes  $45
60 minutes  $80
90 minutes  $115
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage

"The deepest most luxurious massage on the planet”
This barefoot massage technique uses deep compression and effleurage strokes that glide over the body. It combines flowing push, pull and pumping movements done by the feet, which can create a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage and create a deep feeling of relaxation. Therapists use the bars above the head for balance and weight distribution

60 minutes $90 
90 minutes $125
Integrated Massage

This intuitive bodywork blends energy work and massage with the use of specific essential oils to open up energetic pathways and create space for emotional and physical changes in the body.

 30 minutes
 60 minutes $90
 90 minutes
Couples Massage

Enjoy a one hour side by side massages, each with your own therapist in a relaxing environment created with soothing sights, sounds and aromas. 
A great idea for an anniversary or wedding gift.

60 minutes  $170
90 minutes  $240

Alternative Mind & Body Health
Ear Candling

The burning candle acts like a chimney by warming the ear canal and  drawing out wax and impurities. When excess earwax builds up, one may develop sinusitis, headaches, earaches, some hearing loss, sore throat, allergies or upper respiratory infections.  This natural and non-invasive process takes 60 minutes and will leave your relaxed and relieved.
Four candles
Each additional


Reiki is an ancient healing art based on the premise that energy is the life force.  Over the course of a lifetime, blocks are created in the system from emotional upheavals.  These blocks manifest in physical illness.  The Reiki practitioner channels through the blockages, balancing the body's energy and creating a deep state of relaxation.
 30 minutes  $45
 60 minutes


The ultimate foot treatment that serves the entire body, creating whole body wellness.  A feeling of balance is established by working the entire system, which is mirrored in your feet.  You leave feeling light and stress free.
 30 minutes
 60 minutes

Couples Massage Class  
The Couples Massage Class is designed to teach a basic yet effective massage routine that will help each partner reduce muscle tension and enhance relaxation. The format of the class consists of a 40-minute demonstration, followed by 40 minutes of supervised hands-on practice per person. "Couples" may consist of any two people with an interest in exchanging massage.
 120 minutes             $175